Please register to join BDCSO virtual conference 23, 25 & 27th October daily 11h00 to 13h30

Bangladesh NGO CSO Coordination Process ( ), is organizing  3rd year virtual annual conference during 23, 25 & 27th Oct daily 11h00 to 13h30 title ” Local civil society leadership for a decentralized mobilization, promoting a democratic society and the culture of human rights”. Please find the detailed outline of the conference in Bangla and in English. 
We will have simultaneous English and Bangla translation. If you want to join the conference please register in this link, we will send you the zoom link 24 hours before the conference.
We will have around 24 grass root speakers, along with Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman, Dr Atiur, Judith Herbertson, Ignacio Packer,  Sudipto Mukharjee, Michel Mossulmen, Saheen Anam, Shireen Huq, Smruti Patel and Sudanshu Shekar Singh.
If you want to get a brief on our past, and what our objectives are from this conference, please see this five minute video in Bangla and in English. 
Now we are having series divisional workshops, if you want to know about this and our philosophy, please visit our website ( under the notice board, you can download different papers both in Bangla and English too, each of the papers will require only three minutes to read.
In reference to earlier mail, please find the link on our papers, which require only three minutes to complete read each.
– Spirit of liberation war: fundamental principles of state principles. In Bangla and in English
– Our inspirations, international commitments, principles of localization and partnerships. In Bangla and in English.
– State, Market and Civil Societies. In Bangla and in English.
– IASC guidelines, strengthening participation …. local and national actors. In Bangla and

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