What is our primary believe

We are some activists we believe in humanitarianism and development (embodied with democracy and human rights) where civil society should act as third sector, next to the State and Market. We consider NGO (non-government organization) are also part of the civil society organization (CSO) sector. Here, we see a great role of NGOs who play a role right based approach along with service delivery.  We consider state is the supreme sector where political party is a part, we believe that due to some situation political parties some time face limitations to raise all voices of societies. Where CSOs can play a positive and complementary role, but especially in Bangladesh perspective the CSO role have to be nonpartisan.

We also believe that, NGOs should develop or extend services in those respect where government agencies face limitations. It means NGOs should act as complementary to the government agencies, not as substitute or alternative. NGOs should facilitate public accountabilities of the government agencies. So, we believe that in the perspective of effective interaction of these three sector somehow important for welfare state to promote redistributive justice.

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