Way forward, conference and building long term process

We have realized localization will not be achieved if there are no long term process and mobilization of local NGOs / CSOs. We have also realized that there should sectoral unity at least with minimum common position especially in respect of negotiation with other stakeholders for a conducive environment for CSO NGO growth.

Taking these in view, after series of meeting an steering committee with conveners of 9 divisions have been formed, names as “Bangladesh CSO NGO Coordination Process” (bd-coordination) , with major two objectives, i.e., (i) to create public opinions so that there will be common minimum position on sectoral unity and growth especially among the major CSO / NGO networks, and (ii) to do negotiations with all relevant stakeholders especially with government, donors and INGOs in view of the Development Effectiveness discourse, Grand Bargain commitments and Charter 4 Change commitments, so that Bangladeshi civil societies will have space for sovereign, accountable and sustainable growth.

The committee have prepared for national conference on 6th July 2019, prepared a declaration with a website, all these information are available in www.bd-cso-ngo.net. The process has also decided to do similar orientation or workshop in 24 districts by June 2019 and all preparation has already taken. It is expected that around 600 civil society and NGO activists from 64 districts will participate in the conference, where they will declare accountability and expectation charter. In the site there are link of endorsement of declaration, membership form fill up and also the outline for conference is available. High level government policy makers, UN personalities, INGO network leaders from country and abroad have had invited.

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