Local CSO / NGOs Urged Support to be in leadership in Development Efforts with Equal Participation


Dhaka, July 3, 2019. CSO and NGO leaders urged UN agencies and INGOs to ensure their equal participation in selecting partnership in Bangladesh. They also demanded that, UN agencies and INGOs activities must be limited only in monitoring and technical assistance, they must refrain themselves from field operation. CSO and NGO leaders were talking in a press conference titled, ‘UN Agencies and INGOs Activities Must be Limited in Monitoring and Technical Assistance in Bangladesh. We demand equal participation for local CSOs to be in leadership in Development Efforts with Equal Participation’. They also opined that, equality-based partnership is essential for the survival and sustainable development of local NGOs.
Mr. AKM Jasim, Director of the Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB) Mr. Masuda Faruk Ratna, Coordinator of Dhaka Division’s BD CSO Process, Mr. ASM Badrul Alam, President of Bangladesh Krishak Federation, Mr. Mustafa Kamal Akand, Coordinator of BD CSO Process, Ferdous Ara Rumee, Assistant Director of COAST Trust, and local NGO representative and Shield Bangladesh Executive Chief Mr. Md. Mahbubul Alam Firoz were present among others.. Ferdous Ara Rumi presented the keynote paper at the press conference while Mustafa Kamal Akand moderated the event.
Badrul Alam said, we have created a forum called ‘Bangladesh CSO and NGO Coordination Process’ for implementing our expectations and commitment charter. Through which we will continue to campaign and negotiate to develop a sovereign, responsible and sustainable NGO sector. We wish we will cooperation from media.
Mahabubul Alam Firoz said, t Grand Bargain’s commitment was signed in Istanbul in May 2016. In this agreement, commitments on transparency, participation and localization are clearly mentioned. With almost all agencies of the United Nations, almost all donors and all networks of INGOs signed this agreement, but in reality we do not see any reflection of those commitments.
AKM Jasim Uddin said, many studies at the international level have mentioned that local NGOs can implement development and humanitarian activities with very low cost. Local initiative should be made more efficient by utilizing it more. Since the local NGOs respond fast and first to any crisis, their skills and capacity must be improved.
Masuda Faruq said, all the humanitarian and development organizations have to work in a coordinated manner, it can reduce repetition, can reduced management or logistics costs.
Mustafa Kamal Akand said, the United Nations agency and the INGOs should have their policy of partnership, and that partnership must be based on transparency and competition. The luxury and needs of the expenditure must be determined, to show complete transparency of the expenditure. For expenditure management expenditure, the expenses for the partners, expenditure for the local population must be shown separately.
The organizer informed that, a new coordination process has been started with the participation of the networks of NGOs and CSOs working for the development of Bangladesh. One of the major objectives of the coordination process is to promote CSO and NGOs sector as a third sector along with the government and private sector. The process is going to organize a National Conference on 6 July, where about 600-700 NGO and CSO representatives from all the districts of the country will join.
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