CSO-NGO Sector with Self-esteem: Campaign on Grand Bargain and Localization Barisal Divisional Workshop: 12 September 2018 2018, BDM Auditorium, Barisal


A day-long campaign and workshop titled “CSO-NGO Sector with Self-esteem: Campaign on Grand Bargain and Localization” was held in the Barisal BMA Auditorium on the 12th of September, 2018. The program commenced with a performance of the National Anthem. The chief guest of the program was Ram Chandra Das, Divisional Commissioner of Barisal. Also present among the guests were Kazi Jahangir Kabir, Chairman of the Barisal District Committee of ADAB, Nasir Uddin Ahmed, Divisional Coordinator of FMB, Humayun Kabir Balu from CDF and Anwar Zahid, the coordinator of the workshop convening committee in Barisal. The introductory segment was conducted by Mustafa Kamal Akanda, Assistant Director of the COAST Trust, while the workshop was conducted by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Executive Director of the COAST Trust.
At the beginning of the workshop, Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Executive Director of the COAST Trust, explained the motive, the goals and the background of the campaigning; a campaign that touches on NGOs, civil society, grand bargain, localization and self-esteem. He discussed the premise of the 1995 “Monterrei Convention”. On the topic of aid-effectiveness, he pointed out that ever since 2005 civil society has been held as a partner in development along with the state and the market. To facilitate the cooperation of civil society, a platform named “Global Platform for Effective Development Cooperation” (GPEDC) was created. Finance ministers of Germany, Uganda and Bangladesh are the co-chairs of this platform, whose principal aim is to convert aid-effectiveness into development-effectiveness. Moreover, in The United Nations World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul in 2016, a set of commitments titled “The Grand Bargain” was deeclared, which put as much emphasis on localization as on the state. [Click here for details report] [Seminar Video]

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